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Welcome to Eisai Ltd.

Eisai (liaoning) pharmaceutical co., LTD., in December 2015, was formally established by full acquisition of local enterprises, this is eisai outside the strong field of the original drug, in order to adapt to the Chinese market, exploring and into the new chapter in the field of high quality generic drugs.
The company covers an area of 11.36 hectares, with office qc, living floor, small capacity injection workshop, producing injection workshop, oral solution, oral solid preparation workshop workshop, biochemical extraction workshop, Chinese medicine extraction workshop, power station, etc., building area of 39731 square meters.
The company has 12 production lines, with wide coverage area of nearly 90 kinds of disease treatment pharmaceutical production license, including immune modulators, traditional Chinese medicine and for inflammation, analgesia, dementia, gastritis, intestinal disease, diabetes and chronic arterial occlusion disorder therapeutic agent, and through the liaoning province food and drug administration, the state food and drug administration GMP certification inspection on site.
Existing staff 250 people, with the production department, quality department, registration department, engineering department, production department, finance department, human resources department, general affairs department and other departments. Pharmacy related majors, college degree or above of the staff account for 40% of the total number of employees
In the future, the company will be adhering to the principle of eisai HHC enterprise, with the Compliance (moral) is a code of conduct, to GMP standards for quality, to the patients and their families to provide high quality, environmental protection, safe, satisfactory products and services, in order to promote the healthy development of China's pharmaceutical market.

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