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Eisai China Inc. is a pharmaceutical company wholly-owned by Eisai Co., Ltd. (Eisai), a Japanese multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in Tokyo, with strong R&D capabilities. Eisai has been smoothly developing its business in China since the early 1990s, Eisai China, Inc. currently promotes more than 10 pharmaceutical brands in China, specializing in the Central Nervous System, Digestive System, Endocrine and Orthopedic areas.

1991 Shenyang Eisai Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. was established.
1993 Production of Neuqinon tablet officially started in China.
1996 Eisai ( Suzhou ) Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. was established.
1998 Eisai ( Suzhou ) Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. obtained GMP certification.
1999 Production of Eisai Suzhou officially started in May.
2002 Company Name officially changed to Eisai China Inc.
2005 Construction of the phase two plant building started.
2006 The phase two plant building obtained GMP certification and started production.
Shanghai Branch of Eisai China Inc. was established on July 6th.
2009 Eisai  China  Inc. Beijing Branch and Guangzhou Branch were established on March 4th and 11th respectively.
Eisai  China  Inc. Chengdu Branch, Xi'an Branch and Shenyang Branch were established on September 3rd, November 18th and November 27th, respectively.
2010 Eisai China Inc. Fuzhou Branch and Hangzhou Branch were established on September 20th and 27th respectively.
2011 Eisai China Inc. Tianjin Branch was established on November 8th.
2014 Eisai China Inc. Qingdao Branch was established on July 8th.
Eisai China Holdings Ltd. was established on November 11th.
Eisai Injection Plant was completed on November 27th.
2015 Eisai acquired a Chinese generic drug manufacturer—Liaoning Tianyi Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. on November 27th to establish Eisai (Liaoning) Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
2016 Eisai China Inc. held a groundbreaking ceremony of its new solid preparation plant in Suzhou Industrial Park on the morning of May 31st.
2017 Shanghai Eisai Business Consulting Branch of Eisai China Holdings Ltd was established on Jan. 18th.
The construction of Suzhou New OSD Facility has been completed on Nov. 17th.